Interchangeable Parts:
DAW Lady Fashion Dolls
 Pictured are Available Fashion Lady Body Parts
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Tips on Assembly of Fashion Dolls

Pictured: Available Parts
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DAW - Up Torso

* Hope  Torso *

   Hope Torso                &             DAW-Up Torso

23" Pin Up and 23" Hope Arms are identical except for length of Arm
22" Chari's Arms are shorter than Hope's but Arm Cir. & Hand is larger in size.

*23" Pin Up (Short) Arms*            *23" Hope (Long) Arms*             *22" Chari Arms*

       Both pictures are:  Linda Legs (Bare Feet) & *Hope Legs (Heels)*           Linda (Bare Feet) Legs


Pictures of Fashion Dolls Assembled
Examples of  Body Parts Assembly

Another version of
Hope's Torso, Arms, & Legs Assembled
*Hope Torso,  Hope Arms,  Hope Legs*

DAW-Up Torso, Pin Up Arms,  Hope Legs


Note:  Body Parts are pictured for interchange purposes only, thus no prices are listed.
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.Tips on Assembly of Fashion Dolls

Several of my customers have been experiencing problems with the assembly of these Fashion dolls.
I asked  Doll Artist, Arlene Dangerfield if she would share her version on
how she assembles the Fashion Lady Dolls & Mermaid from Doll Art Works.
Arlene Dangerfields's Special Tips for the Arms & Legs
"For the Arms"
First, I do not do the arms as they say.
I Cement a lock line beaded piece into the shoulder arm hole.
Then into the arm and cement that in place.
Now you can turn and pose the arms any way you want.
It works with short and long arms.
I wrap strips of quilt batting around the lock line and shape the  arms.
 I then cover the batting with a stretch nude fabric.
Below is a picture of this process I use it on all my lady dolls that have a dropped shoulder.
"For the Legs"
      If I was making a "Mermaid" for the legs,
I would use two rows of lock line long enough to go into the body and down the tail.
I would bind the two pieces together and then stuff them in the body really tight.
If I was making the "Fashion Doll" for the legs,
 I would use two pieces of heavy armature wire.
Then stuff them into the body really tight.
Then I put a little stuffing into the feet.
Then glue the wire into place or just stuff them in tight.
Next I use the quilt batting cut in strips to form her bottom.
I start if by hot gluing it and than wrapping and shaping around both legs and her bottom.
Do not use to much.
Tie it off with glue and then you can make a stretch nude pair of panties and you are done.
You also can put a dowel stand up inside while doing this and that gives her a nice look.

Pictures of Fashion Dolls Assembled

Photo by Arlene Dangerfield

Another version of
Hope's Torso, Arms, & Legs Assembled

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