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Dolls Your Way

We Are Sorry But We Are Not Taking Any New Orders At This Time Due  
To Illness 

Dolls Your Way Is For Sale

Website, Domain Name
Molds [the website is the list of molds]
  (All or nothing will be sold, not just a few Select Molds)

Body Patterns
Slip (over 300 gallons of various colors, mostly Bell Slip)
Kilns [Small to large approx 12 in total]
Lots of Bisque Parts (Heads, Arms, Legs etc.) [We will not list or find a Particular Piece for you]
Wigs, Dresses, Shoes, Eyes, Eye Lashes, Pates, Connectors, etc.

Nothing will be shipped You must come get it. 
We are located in New Caney,Texas 77357 Just North of Houston, Texas

Make an offer to dollsyourway@aol.com